DO NOT USE Dukes Tree Service AKA B & D's Tree Service out of St. Cloud, Minnesota

They do not have Insurance!!
Brian Dukowitz almost cost me my home!

He's still doing business as B & D's Tree Service


So you are looking for a Tree Service in the Minneapolis, west-metro area... Well, we chose a Tree Service called Dukes Tree Service. They drew up a contract and said they were insured and bonded. During the tree removal, they had a rope break while they were lowering down a 300-400# tree section (Actual section in photo at left). It landed on my house.

Keep in mind, this is a tree service that should know what they are doing. Well, knot so! They used a kind of loop knot for their rope and all the weight of the tree was placed on a one inch part of the rope. When it got tight and hundreds if not thousands of pounds was placed on the rope in that area, then it was like cutting the rope with a dull knife really fast. The part of tree fell on my house and then down through my porch roof, and cracked my cement patio.

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He then said he would repair the work himself. I said no and requested his insurance name. He told me once and luckily, my wife remembered! We called the insurance company and they said Dukes Tree Service did not have insurance for over a year! I started a phone campaign to their company (house) and they NEVER returned any phone calls. NOT ONE!

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I had a few people come over myself to asses the damages.
Here's the pricing:
Roof: Unknown damage yet
Porch roof: $400
Cement Patio: $2,000-$10,000
Pain and suffering: Unknown!

Contract Price for tree removal: $1850
which is 1/2 down, 1/2 when finished.
So... I paid $925

Any Lawyers looking to take on a man running a business and lying to their customers. Essentially endangering an innocent person's house and or life. Drop me an email and we can talk.

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