Disney Trip December 2011

Tommy riding the Expedition Everest Rollercoaster

Tommy rode this rollercoaster 4 times. He loved it! He's 5 1/2 years old 42" tall EXACTLY!

Disney Osborne Lightshow at Disney World

This is amazing video. Over 5 Million lights for Christmas at Hollywood Studios
12/9/2011 Ed, Laura, William, Tommy, Tom and Ann




Other GREAT Rockwell Videos...


Will on Kare 11 (Channel 11)

Planting trees at Hilltop.

William is the one with the black Hilltop sweatshirt and hat

Lake Minnetonka Time Lapse

All day time lapse of Lake Minnetonka. Our dock on Harrisons Bay. This is a taken from the Lake Minnetonka Web Cam

Timelapse Length: 10 Minutes
Actual Time: ~ 10 hours

Lake Minnetonka Fireworks

Spirit of the lakes fireworks 2011

Cooks Bay

Will @ Baseball

Nice video of William at bat 7.14.2011

Tommy Rockwell Moving Up

Make sure you watch till Tommy Opra Sings!

Will Water Skiing

William is 5 years old and skiing for his "First" time. You can see the time last year in the video below. Much better this time.

Gold Belt Test

Will Getting his gold belt at Metro Karate

Cabo Feb 2009

Will and Tommy playing on Lovers beach

Cabo Feb 2009

More playing at the beach

Will Waterskiing

His first attempt at waterskiing July 9, 2009

Big Island July 12th 2009

Watch Tommy get the beat of the music!

Will's First Bike Ride!

No training wheels needed! This was Williams first bike ride without the training wheels. He's ready to go!

Way to go Will!

Tommy Meeting Mickey Mouse

Watch Tommy's reaction after he meets Mickey Mouse! This was on our Disney cruise Jan 2010