Kids Reward Chart and Behavior Charts

Click to download the MS Word Version of the Kids Reward and Behavior Charts HERE

Kids graph paper, lined paper and dot paper and other cool stuff

Being a parent of boys in preschool and 1st grade, I've looked for some activities for them to help with their learning. Some of the things were hard to find so I decided to just post some of the best stuff for you to use as well.

Here is a writing line paper template that I modified to allow for more lines. Click on the image below to download the MS Word template or if you want to use a .pdf, I've also provided one as well.

kids line paperkids line paper pdf version

I've found some downloadable graph paper as well.

Here is some cool dot paper as well. This is great for the game where you and your kid take turns drawing lines between dots and when you make a box, you can put your inital in the box and get to go again. My kids love this game.

square dot paper