Lake Minnetonka July 4th 2010

Water skiing with the Salmon family. Will Rockwell(5), Tommy Rockwell (3) and Elliott Salmon (7) all water skiied. We skiied on Harrison Bay, Lake Minnetonka. It was the first time skiing for ALL THREE of them!

Press play to watch this awesome video of William waterskiing!!

Will after water skiing
A very proud William Rockwell after water skiing July 4th 2010 He is 5 years old. Dan is driving the boat.

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Elliott Salmon first time water skiing 7.4.2010
Elliott Salmon first time water skiing at 7 years old. July 4th 2010

Elliot Salmon after water skiing
Elliott after skiing. Harrison Bay Lake Minnetonka

Thomas Rockwell getting ready to water ski on Lake Minnetonka
Tommy Rockwell getting ready to ski at 3 1/2 years old!!

Tommy Rockwell water skiing at 3 1/2 years old July 4th Lake Minnetonka
Tommy Rockwell getting up on the skies. He went about 100 feet

Tommy Skiing
Tommy Rockwell try #2 skiing... He went about 600 feet. He's ONLY 3 years old!!!

Tommy water skiing on Lake Minnetonka
Tommy skiing. Dan Salmon driving with Mija, Elliott, Alex, and Amelia in the boat.