What is this I found in my wall???
plastic pipe and wire (near ground)
closeup of wire near pipe
Pipe and wires in garage

Here is what people are thinking/guessing:

It loooks like the remains of a whole house vacuum system. The low voltage wiring was used to switch on the main unit when a cap was opened and a vacuum hose inserted.


had one with wires in the hose to power a beater brush,,, been a while but seems like you simply plugged in the hose and two spring loaded BB's juiced it up and the flip lid wall cover also had a contact ... i forget exacts,,, nutone system on offices built 1970. Was No cloth covered bell nor nutone control wire in 1970.


FastEddie Writes:

Well, I cut the pipe off and lone behold, the pipe was printed on the back side: 'CENTRAL VACUUM'.

Thanks all for the FAST responce.


The wires are low voltage to start the vacuum when you plug the hose in. They are not power for the beater.


Eddie...I looked at your website...nice. I am in Minnetrista....good luck!


nutone\ use to have only two hoses, powered and unpowered
Nutone/Broan current models;
BN32 Standard Hose
BN30LV Standard Low-Voltage Hose
BN30CC Standard Current-Carrying Hose
BN30DV Deluxe Current-Carrying Hose


See if that fits your Shop-Vac hose.



The wire and pipe both come out of the ground which is in the basement (cement floor). There is also a pipe and three of these wires in the garage. My wife and I talked through the pipe and we can hear eachother just fine.

I removed the pipe and this is what it said on it: