Ed's Marlin he caught in Cabo 1998

Ed's Marlin Cabo MX 1998

17" Walleye caught on Tonka!
Where did I catch it you ask? I'm not telling :)

17" Walleye caught on Tonka

Someone took a 24 hour timelapse of our
Lake Minnetonka Webcam!

Pretty cool. At the end we leave in the boat.



Hanging out testing out the new camera...

Our flag outside our house. Can you find us on the lake? We're in Harrisons Bay!

Will Rockwell

Tommy Rockwell

Panoramic of the back yard

Ice Houses through Lake Minnetonka

These two houses are on Harrisons Bay. They sank through the ice on Friday night sometime.

Ice House throught Lake Minnetonka
How do you think these can be removed?

Lake Minnetonka Weather Page

Ice House through Lake Minnetonka
This is a truck camper that was put on the ice.

Disney Osborne Lightshow at Disney World

This is amazing video. Over 5 Million lights for Christmas at Hollywood Studios

12/9/2011 Ed, Laura, William, Tommy, Tom and Ann

How much fun can Tommy have waterskiing?

You Decide!

Tommy Waterskiing


If you don't know when to quit and simply go to sleep, your body makes the decision for you...

On our way to the Minnesota Wild Game

Will on his way to the wild game


Lake Minnetonka July 4th 2010

Water skiing with the Salmon family. Will Rockwell(5), Tommy Rockwell (3) and Elliott Salmon (7) all water skiied. We skiied on Harrison Bay, Lake Minnetonka. It was the first time skiing for ALL THREE of them!


Press play to watch this awesome video of William waterskiing!!

Will after water skiing
A very proud William Rockwell after water skiing July 4th 2010 He is 5 years old. Dan is driving the boat.

Lake Minnetonka Weather Page

Elliott Salmon first time water skiing 7.4.2010
Elliott Salmon first time water skiing at 7 years old. July 4th 2010

Elliot Salmon after water skiing
Elliott after skiing. Harrison Bay Lake Minnetonka

Thomas Rockwell getting ready to water ski on Lake Minnetonka
Tommy Rockwell getting ready to ski at 3 1/2 years old!!

Tommy Rockwell water skiing at 3 1/2 years old July 4th Lake Minnetonka
Tommy Rockwell getting up on the skies. He went about 100 feet

Tommy Skiing
Tommy Rockwell try #2 skiing... He went about 600 feet. He's ONLY 3 years old!!!

Tommy water skiing on Lake Minnetonka
Tommy skiing. Dan Salmon driving with Mija, Elliott, Alex, and Amelia in the boat.


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